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I coined the term the Final 8th when I saw so many of my talented dedicated clients in different fields make progress towards their cherished goals and suddenly fail in sight of the finish line! Why is that?!? It's certainly not logical... My work is based on the premise that our healthy personality consists of many different inner selves, often with competing agendas. The secret is that you think you want your goal with every fiber of your being, but the truth is not all of you wants what you think you want—and for excellent reasons! A powerful tool I use, and teach, is Voice Dialogue, which helps you access your alter ego with the precise superpower you need for the situation!

One of my values is accessible wellness and towards that I've created a FREE Voice Dialogue online course so you can learn the transformational process of meeting your symphony of inner selves in order to uncover the wisdom you hold inside--whether you need to explore stuck points and inner tugs-of-war regarding relationships, career, financial and health issues, life goals and  transitions--big and small.
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